Terms and Conditions

Users and visitors are kindly requested to read the Terms of Use (hereinafter: the Regulations) carefully. By using the services and visiting the website www.deliver.ba, it is understood that you consciously accept this Ordinance, as well as all its subsequent changes, without prior notice.


During the use of Deliver.ba, the terms of use stated here apply, as well as all applicable laws in the territory of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Deliver.ba reserves the right to change the content of the Ordinance at any time and without prior notice. The changes take effect at the time of publication on the pages of this platform and as such apply to all past and future users. Deliver.ba is not obliged to send each user individual notifications about changes to the Rules, which is why it is recommended to regularly monitor the content on the website.


In order to better understand the services but also the conditions of use of the Deliver.ba website, below are details related to the services offered by this site:

Deliver.ba should be viewed as a virtual sales area exclusively owned by the publisher Deliver.ba, where it offers its users to offer the sale of products in their own name and for their own account, with a special note that all users are alone responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, credibility, as well as the general legality of all allegations, from published content.

Based on the above, all content published on the website is the sole responsibility of the registered user of the website from whose publication this information originates.

Deliver.ba charges a fee for the use of virtual space for sale, and a fee for activation.

In addition to the above, Deliver.ba users may be offered, for a fee or without it, content publishing services in the name and on behalf of the user, with the greatest emphasis on the promotion and sponsorship of ads, but such publishing can’t be considered Deliver.ba in any way participates in the store, nor that the advertiser has acquired ownership of any part of that virtual space.

Deliver.ba is the owner of the virtual sales space www.deliver.ba and in that sense independently decides on the method of use.


When using the Deliver.ba site, you are obliged to use accurate and true information, whether it is your profile, added item or any other part of the site. Deliver.ba does everything by law to protect the privacy of personal data (name, e-mail, phone number, etc.) of registered users, referring to the Law on Personal Data Protection, and will be used only for the purpose of connecting the buyer and seller.

For the purpose of using the Deliver.ba website, the user undertakes to register and on that occasion fill in his personal data, as well as contact information. The user is responsible and guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of the stated data.

By registering on Deliver.ba, each user agrees to these terms and conditions of use, and at the same time explicitly and irrevocably declares that he agrees that the completed personal data in the registration process from the previous paragraph be entered into the personal data collection kept by the publisher of the stated data for the purpose of operation of the e-mail sending system, while Deliver.ba and its publisher undertake to use the submitted personal data only for the purpose for which they were obtained.

The website guarantees that it does not disclose user data to third parties, except in cases prescribed by the applicable laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina and ratified international acts.

Deliver.ba guarantees that it does not process user data for any commercial purposes, and the only data processing it can perform is for the purpose of improving the functioning of the site, with the aim of improving it, as well as with the aim of easier use by each individual user.

Pursuant to the Law on Personal Data Protection, the collected personal data in the user registration procedure are stored in the personal data collection maintained by the publisher Deliver.ba, which undertakes to protect the privacy of its users and all their data.

Deliver.ba is authorized to forward personal data to third parties only if there is a request and / or order of the competent authority and / or such transfer is prescribed by law and / or is required by the data owner by an explicit written prior request.

Every user or member of the Deliver.ba site has the right to submit a written request for his personal data to be deleted immediately after submitting the request. The user also has the right to request that Deliver.ba provide him with information about the personal data of that user.
Deliver.ba does not take responsibility on any grounds, if the user himself discloses his data to third parties, by giving a username and password (user name and password) or makes that information available to them in another way.

By using Deliver.ba, you agree that the data / information (not applicable to the personal data of the user) that you have submitted will be available for inspection to all who are interested in them, in accordance with this Ordinance. The advertiser agrees to use his e-mail address or telephone number Deliver.ba for the purpose of sending information about the status of the published ad, for the purpose of submitting an invoice for possible use of advanced services, as well as for sending other types of information related to the ad published by the seller advertising only. By using Deliver.ba you agree to receive promotional and / or other notifications via e-mail.


All data on Deliver.ba are protected by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The copyright relating to the website includes texts, their design, graphics and other images belonging to Deliver.ba and the permission of the service provider.

Based on the previous paragraph, the website design, texts and citations on the website www.deliver.ba are the product of individual design of the publisher Deliver.ba, and any unauthorized copying, use and other forms of duplication of the same or similar design, texts, trademarks, etc., considered an infringement of intellectual property rights, is a violation of copyright.

The provision of the previous paragraph does not apply to the texts of individual publications, where Deliver.ba, it is noted, does not deal with its allegations, nor does it give any guarantee regarding the accuracy, completeness, legality and / or authenticity of such content. Deliver.ba is exempt from liability and / or participation in any disputes related to infringement and protection of copyright of advertisers on Deliver.ba.
The data may be used only in the manner provided for in this Ordinance. By using the data for other purposes, as well as copying, transcribing, distributing the data, without permission, you act contrary to the Law on Copyright and Related Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and are subject to sanctions.


Deliver.ba reserves the right to exclude or sanction from further use of the user any user who in any way violates the Terms and Conditions of Use, who (without responsibility and explanation to the user) considers not a place on Deliver.ba, or who on any way interferes with the operation of the site or in any way infringes the rights of advertisers and users. Deliver.ba reserves the right to exclude from further use of the site a user who misuses the published data or in any way uses Deliver.ba without authorization, especially in terms of:

• copying the content published on the website
• lobbying of Deliver.ba advertisers to advertise on similar sites, or in other advertising media, by contacting them in any way and offering them its services

• creation or use of duplicate profiles (with the exception of profiles approved by the Deliver.ba administration)
• presentations on other websites called Deliver.ba (all combinations that indicate the use of the same name)
• deleting and / or terminating publications, and republishing the same or similar content by abusing the system
• inciting the spread of racial, national or religious hatred

• presenting or publishing content under false, non-existent, third-party and / or in any way inaccurate data, in particular relating to location data, IP addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
• unauthorized representation on behalf of the Deliver.ba administration and its employees
• non-compliance with other notices, rules, warnings and restrictions listed on the Deliver.ba website
• use of one or more duplicate profiles to report misuse of items

Deliver.ba, with the exclusion of such a user, may claim compensation for damages or lost profits.

Deliver.ba reserves the right to, in accordance with its own assessment, made on the basis of an assessment of the type, frequency, and general behavior of the user, make a decision not to refund the funds to the excluded user.

Deliver.ba does not guarantee the following:

• accuracy, completeness and / or truthfulness of the content, as well as the quality, safety and legality of the products and services offered
• the competence of the other party in concluding the agreement, the correctness, completeness and accuracy of the user's personal data, which he used in the correct way in business
• that there will be no errors on the pages and / or that they will function without interruption at all times
• that the third party will legally use the Deliver.ba site at all times.


Deliver.ba, up to the maximum liability allowed by law, is exempt from any damage, loss or injury that may occur directly or indirectly due to:

• use of the Deliver.ba website
• use of pages linked from Deliver.ba
• information on the Deliver.ba page
• actions taken or not taken regarding the information on Deliver.ba
• actions of Deliver.ba users
• use, inability to use or abuse any of the above sites.
• use of other websites where the content is unauthorizedly presented on behalf of Deliver.ba

• use of pages that are not under the domain www.deliver.ba, and where the content is unauthorizedly presented on behalf of Deliver.ba, by copying the page www.deliver.ba visually,
or in any other sense

Deliver.ba may occasionally be unavailable due to various technical difficulties. The Website is not responsible for any legal proceedings or complaints against users based on infringement of any copyright or intellectual property rights, and since Deliver.ba is not the author of such advertisement, neither the provider nor the distributor of the offered item or service.


When posting content on Deliver.ba, the user grants the website the right to send information related to the product. It is strictly forbidden to submit ads on Deliver.ba in any other way than the one displayed by the same.

Behavior contrary to the provisions of this Ordinance is considered a violation of the Terms of Use Deliver.ba, and Deliver.ba reserves the right to warn and / or from further use, temporarily or permanently, exclude the user, without prior notice and without explanation.

Deliver.ba users agree that all contacts take place solely at their own risk, and accept that Deliver.ba has no responsibility and / or obligation for any harmful consequences arising from the user's actions. This platform does not accept responsibility or guarantee for any item displayed or sold on this site including: ownership of any item, accuracy and / or truthfulness of the description, readiness of the user to carry out the transaction.


Third parties, users and visitors are informed that the Deliver.ba website, in accordance with the above conditions and explanations, as well as in accordance with the provisions of Article 23 of the Law on Electronic and Legal and Business Transactions (Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina No.88/2007), does not bear any responsibility for the information entered by users of this website, and which information Deliver.ba only provides access to.

In addition, the same persons are informed that the provisions of Articles 25-27 of the Law on Electronic Legal and Business Transactions, Deliver.ba is exempt from any form of liability for content search on a virtual platform, temporary transit storage – cashing, storage of foreign content – hosting on user request, as well as the possible provision of access to third party information – linking.

All possible requests of third parties, third parties can be submitted to the address:
Džemala Bijedića BB, Capital Tower, Sarajevo, and Deliver.ba undertakes to respond to each individual request as soon as possible.

Users, as well as third parties, are informed that Deliver.ba is not able to nudity access to personal data, without an order – a request from an authorized body, or the consent of the data owner.

Deliver.ba informs third parties and users that in this virtual retail space it advocates free trade under the same conditions, and that accordingly in all situations where acting contrary to these rules cannot be established beyond doubt, it will instruct the applicant to establish such facts. requests the conduct of appropriate judicial and / or administrative proceedings against the owner of the same content. Based on the above, Deliver.ba undertakes to immediately, without delay, act on the order of the competent authority, and remove, delete and / or change any content (s) specified in such order.


For all requests and disputes that could arise from the use of the subject materials, the court in Sarajevo is really competent.

The owners of the Deliver.ba site reserve the right to change the content of the website www.deliver.ba without prior notice at any time, in any way and for any reason and is not responsible for any possible consequences arising from such changes.

By using, registering or visiting Deliver.ba, the user / visitor confirms that he is familiar with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website and that he fully accepts them.

All rights reserved. Sarajevo, June 2021